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"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir


T​he Corona Virus has impacted the world in so many ways.  We were already in the process of expanding Reiki EnergetiX LLC to BEAR ESSENCE LLC.   We found ourselves doing so much more then Reiki healing for our clients.  Corona is a matter to take serious...however we must also take the fear and anxiety it is producing serious as well.  Reiki Services  still are important to bringing balance to our clients, therefore we are offering distant Reiki Sessions for $4.44 suggested love offerings during these times. No one is turned away, but remember energy exchanges are important to keep the healing energies in balance.  At Bear Essence we are still dedicating our time to each of you even though we can not be at our center earning our income.  So love offerings are greatly valued.   We thank you in advance for your patience with us as we rebuild this new site.  If you do not find what you are looking for here feel free to text or call us.  You can also find us on   It is our Joy to bring Bear Medicine Energy to you for your healing journey.   Much love and many blessings.

Frequency ​Healing

W​​e are happy to announce we are affiliates of Listening to Smile music.  Bringing some of the most amazing music for your health. We have arranged for a 40% savings for you!   DISCOUNT CODE:  rockbe44

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CBD & More

Not all CBD is created equal!  Do you know most CBD oils are using MCT oil or other fillers because it is cheaper.  It also can be causing health issues.  Not here at BEAR ESSENCE. The company we work with is also FDA approved and following strict covid-19 safety.  We are approved international distributor.

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Reiki & More

Bear Essence formally known as Reiki EnergetiX LLC is a Metaphysical Healing Center.  Dedicated to empowering lives with love.  Due to Covid -19 we are doing phone coaching and distant Reiki and Energy work.  We know many are struggling financially at this time so we are offering HUGE SAVINGS.  Coaching Sessions Normally $70.00 are now $11.11 and Energy Healing Distant Sessions normally $22.00 are now only suggested love offering of $4.44.  Yes, only $4.44.  ​ It is important to have an energy exchange but we know how much energy sessions can relieve stress and we want it affordable for all at this time.   Text or call for details.

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All who work with Rose have commented on how inspiring and accurate they are in the emotional/spiritual healing work they do.  Rose helps one be honest with their shadow side and healing can and does take place.  Rose is a Two Spirit and an intuitive empath.  She works with ancient ancestors in ceremony to fully empower you.

What our customers are saying

For someone only knowing my wife and I for a brief moment, Rose knew EXACTLY what my wife and i needed in our lives and has given us the most amazing wedding experience.  Promoting not just a physical healing but a spiritual one as well.  I have never had a better experience elsewhere!  I look forward to  continuing to work with Rose to be the best me I can be!  Not just giving me a "toolbox" to handle myself, but giving both my wife and I an insight to getting a firm, healthy and sturdy base for the beginning of our relationship - A. Rohwedder